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About Us

In 2005 I was working as an IT consultant for a bank in London and supporting some local charities with their IT in my spare time. Seeing the issues they were all experiencing I couldn’t escape the thought; "It shouldn’t have to be like this." They were struggling to get transparent, impartial advice about their systems - not to mention affordable, reliable support for their day-to-day work.

So Fluid IT was launched primarily to support organisations looking to make a change in society and came into being when a church offered us the office space we'd need to get started. In the very first week, our remit was expanded when we took on our first technical apprentice from the rehab programme next door. That short chain of events encapsulates so much of what we are about: excellent service, building partnerships, supporting transformation, changing lives and generosity.

Our primary focus is providing really excellent services and we work hard at constantly improving them; this is an ever-changing market after all! Alongside that, our heart is for transformation: we have spent the last 10 years waiting for a model that reflected and enabled that vision of a sustainable organisation that delivers fantastic impact. When we came across B Corporations it was such a natural fit, we were determined to certify as founding members of the UK community - not to mention putting ourselves forward for providing their IT services.

Over the years we have helped the organisations we support implement the IT systems they need to further their success and help get the most out of their teams. We provide advice in intelligible English on all kinds of solutions like public, private and hybrid clouds, and the explain the implications in the context of an organisation’s strategic goals. We work with an amazing range of organisations; businesses, social enterprises and charities of all shapes and sizes, in the UK and abroad. We’re excited to be transforming lives in the process and a part of the change that B Corporations bring to the UK.

If you'd like help implementing systems that will support your goals, do get in touch today!

David Schluter
Founder and Director